Looking at Smaller Houses

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Back in the day, say even just ten years ago, the homeowners would always look to buy a house that would be of a certain size. The common things to look at then would be a fair number of bedrooms, bathrooms, powder rooms, entertainment rooms, how many cars fit in the garage, a pool, etc. These days, the trend is shifting somewhat.
Today, there are more and more folks looking at smaller, bungalow style homes. Even Hollywood stars are settling on modest properties. Today, homes with two or three bedrooms, same number of baths, a cozy living, dining, and kitchen, and maybe a pretty yard, is the desirable way to go. Perhaps this is because of budget and the fact that it takes less to maintain a smaller property. Perhaps more and more people are enjoying the coziness of smaller homes. Whatever the reason, more and more small houses are become the popular real estate purchase.

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